Crazy Over Drop Dead Diva

OMG, I’m so glad Drop Dead Diva is still going on…

Drop Dead Diva is, by far, one of the most intriguing and captivating shows on network television.  It reflects what so many women who have had children (as well as some that have not) feel constantly – as if we are skinny girls living in a “large” girl’s body.  Although none of us have died and awakened as someone else (that I know of), we can still relate to Jane on numerous levels.

I’d never sat down and watched Drop Dead Diva until I overheard some friends of mine debating whether Kim or Jane was the true victim on the show.  One argued that Kim was the true victim, as she was an insecure control fanatic with a tragic childhood, trapped in a beautiful woman’s body and suffering from Reverse Ugly Duckling Syndrome.  Her whole life, she has always felt that she had to have the best of everything and compete for first place just to feel complete.  Triumphs and wins are the only securities she has to remind herself that she is valuable – no surprise that she became a lawyer.

My other friend argued that Jane’s situation was twice as bad, thereby, making HER the true victim.  Jane has not only had to deal with the fact that she literally died and lost the life that she loved, along with attachments to family and friends – but she was also put in a “big girl’s” body.  As a beautiful and intelligent person trapped in the body type that she had been taught by her modeling career was “undesirable”, she is forced to see life from a different perspective.  Add the fact that Jane is also now working with the love of her former life – yet can’t let him know – and this could be considered down right torture!

Their highly compelling arguments sparked my interest, and my curiosity forced me to see just one episode for myself; or at least I thought I was just going to watch one.

The very first episode that I saw was the one where Jane snags a great client with her intelligence and quick wit and surprises a colleague that obviously underestimated her – but that’s not what grabbed my attention.  Not really understanding what this amazing show was all about, I was infatuated with the fact that there was this woman, who was far from petite, was walking through this beauty dominated law firm – yet she was displaying such class and confidence.

I was watching this with my two nieces and was thrilled to finally see a network television show that wasn’t a ‘reality’ show. After watching only the first 10 minutes of it, I was hooked – I knew that I had to see all of the episodes, starting with the very first one.

My nieces and I found ourselves making plans to watch the newest episodes together.  This family friendly show re-instilled so many of the values we teach at home but don’t necessarily practice.

The fact that it’s highly unpredictable – which was its best asset, in my opinion – was a bonus.  Through all of the episodes we have watched, episode 4 (The Chinese Wall) still remains my favorite.  That is the one where Jane realizes that this really is her life and her body; so she can either waste the rest of her life fighting it and living in the past of what she used to look like, or she can embrace the new person that she is and make the most of her future.

My friends and I are beyond thrilled to hear that the network has agreed to renew another season of Drop Dead Diva.  As we all found ourselves attached to one character over the other for various reasons – I think it’s quite obvious that my favorite person on the show is Jane.

Watching her as she overcame all of the issues that she was dealing with in life, while learning to be a better person without letting any stumbling blocks get in her way was stimulating and inspirational.   The way she holds her head high, despite her weight,  all while trying her best to make better food conscious decisions, is a testament to all of us.

I must admit, my main reason for loving her character is that she shows society that big girls are people too; big girls are intelligent, talented and deserve to be treated with just as much respect as their skinny girl counterparts – as was so adequately demonstrated in episode 2 – ‘The F Word’.

This week end is the season finale and I’ll be anxiously waiting for next season.


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8 Responses to Crazy Over Drop Dead Diva

  • Julia says:

    My first visit, it looks like this is a new blog site. I found it off a link in Twitter.
    It’s so nice that others feel the same way I do, I love the show. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to write here in your blog.

  • Virginia says:

    My friend Julia told me about your site. Nice! I’ve ordered a couple of your books and am excited to get started. Us Diva fans have to stick together.

    • Ruth Ford Elward says:

      Julia and Virginia,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Let’s keep in touch, especially when the new season starts.
      All The Best to You!

  • Mehedi says:

    Nice Article..Keep it up

  • Stephanie says:

    I love the show, too. Your analysis is spot-on regarding the dichotomy between the slim and the big girls.

  • Jennifer D. says:

    I enjoy the show, too. And I agree. Jane is the more tragic case. Weight issues, it seems, as the last acceptable form of bigotry. Ask anyone with a weight problem and they’ll tell you.

  • Kim Rawks says:

    The ‘reverse ugly duckling’ syndrome is real. I know many people might say ‘cry me a river!’ But parents can put so much pressure on a kid that she grows up very insecure and afraid of losing even though outwardly she’s a stunner.

  • Ruth says:

    Today is a Diva day, check it out, the episodes start at 10am ET.

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